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“Throw Out a Lifeline”
Scotsman Guide Commercial Edition
July 2020

“Ride to the Rescue”
Scotsman Guide Commercial Edition
August 2020

“Strategize with Preferred Equity”
Scotsman Guide Commercial Edition
December 2018

NetLeaseX Capital is a commercial real estate and mortgage brokerage firm. With over 38 years of real estate experience, we offer clients the following services:

Real Estate Brokerage

We utilize CoStar and a deep Rolodex of buyers and sellers to help you market your properties to sell or identify properties to purchase, including potential off-market acquisitions.

Senior Loans

Capitalize on our industry sources to obtain conventional financing to tailor-fit your financial requirements.

Bridge Loans

Raise debt financing for your transitional properties.

Gap Financing

Increase your leverage by raising mezzanine financing and/or additional project equity via preferred and/or co-GP capital.

Forward Commitment

Hedge against uncertainty by locking-in your loan amount and interest rate to close at some future point in time.

Loan Guaranty

Obtain a third party loan guaranty in order to obtain low cost financing or induce your lender to accept concessions in a loan workout.

Let’s Talk

Please contact us for more information, if you are interested in acquiring and/or selling a property and/or seeking to raise debt and/or equity for your next project.