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White Papers

NetLeaseX’s white paper for real estate project sponsors explains how sponsors can access needed capital to acquire properties, capitalize new projects or restructure existing loans in situations where capital is otherwise difficult to obtain.  NetLeaseX’s white paper for investors explains its sophisticated, time-tested investment structuring techniques that enable “below the radar” high net worth investors and family offices to achieve superior returns while substantially mitigating risk.

Sponsor-Version White Paper

Using Preferred Equity to Increase Real Estate Investors’ Leverage and Enhance Returns
Original:  September 2022
Updated:  March 2023

The sponsor-version white paper is written from the sponsors’ standpoint and discusses many of the same topics as in the investor-version white paper.  This version includes a table on slides 5 and 6 which contrasts NetLeaseX’s direct investment approach versus the crowdfunding model.

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Investor-Version White Paper

Senior Participating Preferred:  Superior Returns in Commercial Real Estate with Substantially Mitigated Risks

Original:  September 2022
Updated:  October 2023

This white paper discusses how NetLeaseX sources direct investments for investors to enable them to make preferred equity and co-GP investments and bridge, mezzanine and convertible loans.  Among other topics, the white paper discusses different ways investors can mitigate their risk and lock-in a minimum rate of return on investment and loan opportunities sourced by NetLeaseX utilizing deal terms like “minimum target prices”, “look-back IRRs” or fixed redemption fees upon property sales.

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