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Senior Loans

NetLeaseX Capital raises senior debt financing for all types of commercial properties.  Our network of national lenders provides us with access to a diverse source of funds, encompassing varying types of lenders, including domestic and foreign depository institutions, investment banks, life companies, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, HUD, CMBS lenders, credit companies, pension funds and others.

Our lenders offer a wide range of loans, including:

  1.  Adjustable and fixed rate loans,
  2.  Construction loans,
  3.  Construction/permanent loans,
  4.  Credit tenant leased loans, and
  5.  Forward commitments.

If you are seeking financing for your commercial project, please contact Ron Zimmerman at (513) 621-1031 or via online chat on this web site to discuss your situation or send us an e-mail summarizing your project and financing requirements.  You can also review our Due Diligence Submission List and Underwriting Loan Guidelines for various property types by clicking here.