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Read Our White Paper on Raising Preferred Equity

Are you working on a profitable real estate investment or development and need to raise additional capital but don’t know how or where to find it?  NetLeaseX can help.  In this white paper, we discuss how NetLeaseX works with real estate investors and developers (the “Sponsors”) to raise preferred equity so that you can increase project leverage and close more deals.

We have direct relationships with a number of “below the radar” high net worth investors, family offices, registered investment advisors, equity funds, and institutional investors who are interested in passively “riding on the coattails” of profitable real estate investments and empowering Sponsors to handle the day to day management and operation of their projects.  Our investors are also interested in investing with non-institutional sponsors and even new sponsors who lack financial resources.

If you have any questions about our white paper, how preferred equity works and/or would like to discuss a potential financing, please contact Ron Zimmerman for a free consultation at (513) 621-1031, fill out the form to the left, via online chat on this web site or e-mail at ronz@NetLeaseX.com.