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Access “Investment Ready” Real Estate Opportunities

NetLeaseX Capital has done the “heavy-lifting”, has pre-screened projects and contracted with real estate investors and developers to provide opportunistic, expedited funding for their ready-to-go, investment-ready projects. This includes value-add acquisitions, ground-up developments, and other projects that need rescue financing.  Family offices and other sophisticated real estate investors can access these opportunities through NetLeaseX’s online platform to lock-in superior returns with substantially lower risk than is typically available in the market.

The key to our ability to create exceptional opportunities is our experience using preferred equity, co-GP investments, bridge, mezzanine and convertible loans.  Our transaction structures typically include terms that provide minimum target prices, “look-back” IRRs, fixed redemption fees and fixed return multiples. See page 17 of our white paper that details some of our techniques and strategies.

Ron Zimmerman, president of NetLeaseX Capital, provides more information on accessing NetLeaseX’s online platform to source direct investments and about rescue financing investments in today’s markets in his article that is featured on the Family Capital website and in his white paper, for which a link is provided to the right.

With more than 38 years of industry experience, Mr. Zimmerman can take the lead for the benefit of family offices without charging advisory fees.  NetLeaseX’s fees are paid as a project expense and are paid on a contingent basis at the closing of the financing.  Feel free to reach out to Mr. Zimmerman to discuss his article, the white paper and the opportunities available.  Click here to schedule a call, call Mr. Zimmerman directly at (513) 621-1031, or send him an email to ronz@NetLeaseX.com.